The Michigan State USBC Youth annually recognizes those bowlers that achieve the following accomplishments. First time 300 games, 700 series for Girls, 800 series for both with clock awards. All bowlers with additional  300, 299, 298 games or 700's (girls) or 800 series, should make sure their scores are submitted to us as we also recognize those annually with certificates and lapel pins. Please complete this form and make sure first time achievements

and are also submitted on the USBC form to USBC  for tracking purposes only.

Coming in the future.....a history of our honor score recognitions

Season Name Award Center/Association
17-18 Allison, Richard 299 Wayne Bowl/Metro Detroit
17-18 Trecha, Thomas * 300 Capitol Bowl/Alliance At Large
17-18 Medvedik, Will * 300 Imperial/Metro Detroit
17-18 Schnicke, Brittney 728 Royal Scot/Invitational Tournament
17-18 Allison, Richard * 804 Wayne Bowl/Metro Detroit
All first time 300, 800 or 700 (girls) will be honored at the banquet
All others will receive recognition through their locals.
* = First time 300, 700 or 800

Honor Scores reported to date: