Julia Huren                                                          Metro Detroit                                                     217.62

Taylor Davis                                                        Greater Flint                                                      210.22

Samantha Gainor                                              Metro Detroit                                                     209.50

Candyce Bradley                                               Metro Detroit                                                     209.41

Kasey Eaton                                                Greater Grand Rapids                                             205.22


2nd Team

Imari Blond                                                               Greater Flint                                                          204.37

Krysta Peirce                                                            Metro Detroit                                                         204.28

Kaitlyn Long                                                             Metro Detroit                                                         204.25

Meghan Macunovich,                                   Western  Wayne County                                               201.31

Kailey Pardue                                                             West Shore                                                           201.98


~ BOYS ~

Ryan Winters                                                     Metro Detroit                                                     241.48

Alex Ouellette                                                          Bay Area                                                          239.03

Tyler Scott                                                                 Saginaw                                                           231.32

Marcus McClain                                                 Metro Detroit                                                     230.70

Zachary Brandt                                                    Kalamazoo                                                        230.65


2nd Team

Antar Howard                                                            Kalamazoo                                                           226.33

Nathan Moszyk                                                            Saginaw                                                              223.86

Justin Nelson                                                           Metro Detroit                                                         222.52

Chad Stephen                                                            Greater Flint                                                          221.24

Nicholas Behrens                                                         Lansing                                                              220.02





Teams are comprised of the top five averages in the entire state as submitted by the Local Associations from around the state.

Past All Michigan Teams (to search for a name, hit ctrl F, then type in the name)